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  • Like the needs of your rural land, one approach or size does not fit all. The same

goes for the equipment we use. For that reason, we have multiple sizes of the

equipment we use. Some of our larger equipment allows us to be more efficient,

and thus, save you money. Sometimes, work needs to be done in a more confined

area and we have smaller equipment for those instances and jobs too.

Tractors: From 29 HP to nearly 70 HP, we have a tractor to help tackle your job.

Occasionally, we will even break out one of our classic tractors that we are the second

generation to own.

Kubota M7040

Kubota L2800

Massey Ferguson

Rotary Cutters: Mostly known by the name bushhog, we use multiple sizes of

rotary cutters to keep your fields and pastures looking nice. From 4 ft to 12 ft, we

have the size to help to manage the needs of your land.

Excavation Equipment:

Box Blades: Each of our tractors has corresponding box blades to help to keep

your driveways and paths passable and clean. Using the gravel that already exists

on your driveway, the box blade allows us to repair potholes and move material

from one spot to another leaving behind a smooth and graded driveway.

Tiller: We have a 6 ft tiller to help in preparing your seedbeds, from gardens to

grass to food plots, we can help you get your areas ready to grow.


Kubota KX91-3 – This machine is like our version of a Swiss Army Knife. Need a

fence row cleaned from overgrown vegetation? This machine has a thumb that

makes it easy work. Need a French drain to help create a dry area where it is

always wet? This machine helps us do it. Have a stump or trees you need cleared?

This machine is what we will use to help clear your overgrown areas so you can

enjoy your property.

Dump Trailer: While we primarily use the dump trailer for our use for material

movement on jobs. When a job calls for less than a dump truck’s load of material,

this is what we use to get the materials on and off your job site.